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Hope you are all having a wonderful week!! I’m starting something new on  Pistachio Blossoms called Wonder Wednesday :).  Posts will include some of my favorite things on the web from psychology to business to of course health and nutrition.

It’s all about being a well-rounded thriving individual. :)


  • Protesters Target Subway Chemical Sandwich Bread. Case reports and epidemiological studies by the World Health Organization say that azodicarbonamide can induce asthma, other respiratory symptoms, and skin sensitization in exposed workers. “Adverse effects on other systems have not been studied,” says its report on the additive. There have been no human studies.  This is so sad to me that we even have to sign a petition to remove these nasty chemicals.  Other countries already have this chemicals banned! Why are we the last ones to do anything about it?
  • Tips for a Healthy Life by Cameron Diaz .  “Comparison is a brutal attack on oneself” – Cameron Diaz  Love this quote!! Be happy with your body and you because you are amazing!!   
  • 7 – Day Skin Detox by Food Matters Quick! Go here and download your free 7 day skin detox guide!  The detox has already started, but you can do it whenever!! I know I sure will be! These are simple fun ideas to try and test out if it works for you! (Also if you haven’t watched the ‘Food Matters’ documentary go watch it now!!)
  • How to Win Friends and Influence People the Millennial Woman’s Version.  I recently stumbled upon the Golden Girl and I absolutely love it!!  I really like this article so I am sharing with you all and I really liked the book.  It is a great focus of ideas and how it  relates to all, young millennial women.  My favorite personal tip is “Smile and look people right in the eye, it scares them when you have so much confidence to keep straight eye contact for a whole conversation.  livebeautifullydreampassion
  • How to feel more trust in your relationships.  This article by Connie Chapman completely resonated with me.  It has been one of my 2014 goals to really heal myself and become even stronger when it comes to all my relationships.  Even though I have come a long way to take the risks I have, the past still seems to elude me. Step 1 just fit perfectly “Drop the story” – No more letting the past dictate how I feel today!  “But we can control how we feel about it. We can control how we respond and what we make this mean about ourselves and relationships.”
  • Baked Quinoa and Chicken Parmesan – I love all things chicken parmesan and this was one delicious recipe!  Quinoa is one of my favorite delicious grains and if you haven’t tried it yet, I suggest you put it on your shopping list right now! And now you have to try it because I just gave you a delicious new recipe to try. ;)



Chelsea Jolene

The Secret of Change for 2014

Hello Lovelies,

I know it has been forever, but I am ready to get back into the swing of things.

Today, I really want to lay out my goals for 2014 and focus on where I would like to be 1 year from now. I realize its already February, but you can start goals whenever!! I like to set out my mantra for the year especially because I have created a mantra for the past two years and I really enjoy looking back at it from time to time.  It really gives me a theme for the year of where I really want to be.


The secret is about setting small realistic goals and knowing how you are going to follow through on them.  Your goals don’t have to be monstrous, it can be as small as eating spinach once a day to as big as moving across the country.  As long as your are choosing goals that are true to you, you will be on the right path.

This year my theme is perseverance and authenticity.  I want to push myself to the next level.  I want to strive to be perseverant in everything and live authentically to my self. I want to work harder then ever before to reach toward my dreams.  Overall, I want to become a better person and strive to conquer my weaknesses.

The areas in my life that I want to work on the most is my career and my finances.  Right now I feel that is where I am most struggling.

Finances:   I am working toward being debt free in the next year and half which can be challenging at some times considering its a huge chunk of my spending money.  My goal is pay off my debt in the next 18 months and to start saving a little for rainy days.

Career:  I do not enjoy my day job.  It is not my calling or what I am meant to do forever.  My true desires is to help people become their best and be a source of encouragement.  This is what truly makes me happy and gives me satisfaction in life.  My goal is starting coaching clients to reach their wellness goals and become full-time in doing this type of work.

These areas I am seeking the most drastic change and will be my main focus for the year, but I also want to look at little things…startingover

This post at the Golden Girl here inspired me create simple goals.  So here is 5 simple goals, that I want to work on just for myself.

1. I want to learn how to be alone for long periods of time.  Sometimes I get really anxious after being alone for a long time, I miss the days where I didn’t feel like this as much.  I want to let go of this anxiety and instead embrace the quiet.

2. I want to start a morning routine.  Mornings are awful for me, I can barely wake up.  I stay in bed as long as I possibly can and rush around trying to get ready.  I really want to wake up, do morning pages, drink coffee and wake myself up. Then get ready and leave for work with 10 minutes to spare.

3. Eat more vegetables.  I already cook pretty healthy home-cooked meals.  But it still seems to feel that I don’t eat enough vegetables.  I would love if about half of my plate was vegetables and that is not always an easy task, it is expensive and that requires more trips to the story then I would like in a week. My goal is to plan in extra vegetables and fruits into my budget.

(These next 2 ideas, I am stealing from The Golden Girl, but I really like them so I couldn’t resist.)

4.  Pick one new or different thing to try each month.  I looove trying new things!! Wherever I go, I love trying something new and different!  That is the best part of living in Chicago, there are so many options and so many cool things to do that it is completely endless.  I really like setting this as a goal, because there is so much to see in Chicago that I think it will motivate me to actually go out and learn things.

5. Stock up on cute greeting cards.  I absolutely LOVE this idea .  Everyone loves getting mail!! And its feels nice to send a cute card to make someone’s day.  I can even use this to let loose some creativity and make my own cards!  I feel like this tradition is going to slowly die out being in this technological age.  And e-cards are just lame, I am sorry, but I want an actual card to hang on my fridge not just a dancing e-card in my in-box.  Sorry e-cards, you just won’t ever make the cut.

These are my goals for 2014!! I am ready for a wonderful year to live out a life of perseverance and authenticity.

What goals do you have for yourself?  I love hearing people’s goals and their plan to achieve them.  Email me or comment below if you would like to share with me your goals for 2014.  :)  (I’ll even send you emails and bug you to make sure you are staying on track)


Chelsea Jolene


My 5 New Nutritional Habits.

Hello Everyone!

Its my 2nd week of IIN training, and it got me thinking about setting new nutritional goals for myself.  I believe that there is always room for improvement and let’s be realistic you cannot change everything at once.  I truly believe in the power of habit so by setting these goals and reminding myself of them I will slowly incorporate these activities into my daily life. One tip, I try to make my goals as specific as possible. If you are looking to create your own, don’t forget to be detailed.  (If you want to read a GREAT book about habits, I suggest reading “The Power of Habits: Why we do what we do in life and business” by Charles Duhigg)  Let’s get started on my list of nutritional habits!

Here is my 5 new nutritional habits for myself!  And I encourage all of you to join with me or create some of your own! :)

1.  My Nutrition Habit goal #1  :  Practice chewing every bite.  Specifically, I will strive to chew each bite 10 times. 

Okay, so I am super bad at this.  I am naturally I am a super fast eater, and people are always like “wow! where does that food go?”.  I always gobble my food down, and even faster when I am super hungry or busy.  We live in such a fast-paced life, we don’t seem to have time to eat! So I decided I need to practice slowing down and actually chew my food. The only way I can get better is through practice and eventually it will become habit.  The  main reason I wanted to start this habit is because chewing is such an important part of the digestive process.  Chewing starts the digestive process and release enzymes that help break down the food.   It is just one easy step that only takes a bit of practice to make it a habit in our daily lives.       


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2. My Nutrition Habit goal #2:  Let my food nourish meLet myself relax when I eat. 

This goes along with the challenge above, but its very key to nutrient absorption.   Life can by crazy and hectic and there is never enough time. But today we really have forgotten how to make time for the truly important things like eating.  Eating is vital to keep us productive and efficient so we can be successful. Why do we rush to eat as fast as possible? As if it’s a chore.  Why can’t we take the time to really let the food feed the body?  We need to examine our priorities and make time for self-care. This is just one of many ways you can be kind to your body.  Let yourself release the tensions from the day and just enjoy the moments while you nourish your body with food.


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3. My Nutrition Habit goal #3 – Learn how to cook one new vegetable a week.

There are tons of vegetables out there and a lot that scare me to be honest.  I really want to get out of my comfort zone and learn how to cook as many vegetables as I can find.  I already have created a list of some scary but new vegetables.  These include Brussels sprouts, artichokes, fennel, turnips, kohlrabi, sea vegetables and many more.  I believe in variety and the more the merrier. :)  So thus begins my adventure into new territory!  First up this week:  Brussel Sprouts!  (Look for a post later this week!!)


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4. My Nutrition Habit goal #4Keep a food journal. Write in it once a day. 

Keeping a food journal is a good idea for three reasons. First, you can keep track of what you are eating and analyze what food groups are regularly missing from your diet.  Second, you can keep track of how specific foods make you feel.  For example, beef always makes me sleepy.  I can eat chicken or fish and feel fine, but not beef.  I will immediately need a cup of coffee or sugar or just in general feel like crap.  It is helpful to understand because now I can avoid eating beef during lunch time and instead eat it for dinner. This is a simple way to learn how to optimize your eating choices.  Third, it is helpful if you are looking to lose weight.  It is an easy way to analyze if you are consuming too much sugar or fat.  It is good to have a balance of both, but the key is balance. If you write it down, you can more easily tell where you may need improvement.

I am sure many of you are thinking I already keep track of what I eat.  I use my phone app like myfitnesspal or loseit! etc.  I have tried these and if they work for you great!  Personally, it got to be too difficult to guess the right amount of calories I ate. If I ate TV dinners or frozen pizzas, this would be a great app because I would know exactly how many calories I am eating. But I don’t, I eat home-cooked meals everyday and rarely go out to eat.  So it is not practical for me to use this app.  My goal isn’t to calorie count anyway. Instead I am looking to listen to listen to my body and feed it what it needs.


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5. My Nutrition Habit goal#5 –   Eat less pasta, more rice, quinoa, etc. 

I love pasta!! Heck, I could just eat pasta and marinara sauce for a week and be perfectly content.  Okay that would get boring. But nonetheless one of my favorite go-to comfort foods. And I have many delicious pasta recipes I could share. One note though I am VERY picky about my pasta. I will not eat white pasta, as it spikes your blood sugar and I feel like crap after eating that.  My favorite is my omega-3 pasta, its so delicious and I feel really good after eating it. And I LOVE omega-3’s, but don’t get me started on that.  I will eat whole wheat pasta, but I still prefer the omega-3 kind.  But enough about pasta, I need more grains!!  I am looking for new kinds of grains to add to my diet.  Currently, I enjoy rice and quinoa, and I may look to exchange pasta with rice pasta as it is gluten-free.  This is what I am really seeking to avoid, gluten.  So if you have suggestions for simple healthy grains besides these, please throw your ideas at me.  I will be planning a new healthy eating plan starting in  January and I got lots of work ahead of me.

Well there you have it!  My 5 eating challenges.  What challenges do you have?  Is there something you are looking to change in your eating habits?

Leave a comment below or send me a message at


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My Top 5 Role Models for Building my Dream Life and Business.

Hello my Lovelies!!  :)

Today I am going to share my top 5 people who inspire me everyday!  These people are my role models, my gurus, or whatever you want to call it. They are my inspiration and motivation.  I only hope someday I can build a business like theirs…..  So here we go!

#1.  Marie Forleo  – Marie is at the top of my list because I have been an avid follower of hers for a few years and she is just becoming more and more amazing.  She has created a multi-million dollar business with her book “How to Make Every Man Want You”, Rich Happy and Hot B-School, MarieTV, and just being plain amazing at what she does.  I watch her show MarieTV every Tuesday which is called Q&A Tuesday.  She responds to questions that people send in and she does it with simplicity, charm, and of course entertainment!!  Check out her story here to learn more about her!  One of my top favorite quotes of Marie’s is “Everything is Figureoutable”.  This is so true and simple, there is really nothing that you can’t figure out.  If you can dream it, you can do it.  Here is an example of one of her top-notch videos, “The Single Most Important Factor of Your Business”.  Watch it and get hooked.  Enjoy.  :)


#2.  Ramit Sethi  – Ramit is just brilliant and I mean BRILLIANT!  I love Ramit because he all about psychological hacks!  And I love studying the psychological side of business and how its the biggest factor of how we all work and make sense of things. He works his butt off and puts out top notch work, digs really deep and is quite frank in how he speaks.  I think he is a revolution all on his own, he knows what he is doing and he is damn good at it!!  I recently bought his book “I will teach you how to be rich” which I haven’t finished yet.  But so far this book is just simply amazing and clear cut. I have read his website, emails, videos and he just simply amazes me at how he does things.  I have attended quite a few of his live webcast lectures which are just full of real, legitimate, practical advice.  He has a mathematical way of looking at things, and creates hacks and processes to find the best way to do things!   He is hilarious too!!  One example that cracked me up was him yelling at all the idiots on live lectures. There is a chat box just full of people asking questions and posting dumb crap. Ramit says “If you just here to chat and make friends, go on dating site, you are wasting your time here!”  HAHA! seriously I died laughing.  Anyway that is just a little glimpse of Ramit’s style and candidness. Check out his blog here and make sure to hand away your email to get all his top-notch goodies!!! He has some really good courses and they are very expensive, but his free stuff is so good I can’t even imagine how good his  paid content is. I have been sooo tempted to sign up, but that time hasn’t come yet for me.  Nonetheless, his free material is brilliant enough for now so I will just stay at a moocher status.  Here is an example of one of his fabulous videos and has recently inspired a new way of thinking for me.  Watch here >>>>>>  It’s titled “”Follow your Passion” is bad advice..Do this instead.”  Check it out and become amazed by Ramit. :)


#3.  Linda Wagner – Linda is a nutrition coach!  She believes in creating a healthy lifestyle not just following another short-term diet.  She has a few e-books, coaching sessions, and her blog posts.  I love her recipes as they are always a fresh new way to make something healthy and clean. But my top favorite part of her site is MoNdAY mOtiVAtiON. Yay!!  She posts a bunch of different links that have to do with health food, nutrition, personal development or just some type of inspiration!  Here is a link to here most recent MM post.  She even responded to an email I sent to her about a year ago  where I asked for advice on how to “follow in her footsteps” and where she got her education from, etc.  I totally respect that she willingly took some of her time to respond to my little email.


#4. Connie Chapman – First off Connie is completely beautiful, amazing, and authentic. (Also she is from Australia and I looove her accent.)  I have watched her blog grow and change, I could see right away she was very strong coach and will do great things. I got a chance to participate  in her  first run/trial 90 day program “The Transformation Project”.  During this time,  she left her 9-5 job to follow her heart and let herself follow her true authentic-self.  She has continued to grow after and she made a lot of changes to her website. Since has created an e-book, Awaken radio, and leads “The Transformation Project”, as well as 1:1 life coaching. I really admire her courage and authenticity and it is very inspiring to watch her become more and more successful.  You can visit her website here at .   Here is one of her recent vlogs that was inspiring to me.  Click here to watch!! :D


#5. Food Babe (Vani Hari)  – Food Babe is just about everywhere right now. She is making big waves in the food industry and I would watch her closely as I believe BIG changes will happen.  She is on a mission to clean out our pantries and educate people what is really in their food.  She speaks with multiple food companies to find out what they really put in their products and share with the world.  She speaks with food corporations to help ban ingredients from being used at all.  Just last week it was announced that Kraft agreed to take yellow dye out of Mac N Cheese.  You can read the article here.  This is just one example of the waves that Food Babe is creating.  Here is a link to more articles on the subject, contact information for Kraft, and Vani’s delicious Mac N Cheese recipe which looks to “dye” for. hehehe. ;) You can see her passion in all her work and I get very excited reading about the wonderful things she is doing.


These are the people that feed a little bit of my soul.  They all reach out to my various interests and passions: food, healthy eating, self-development, psychology, and business.  The one thing they all have in common is their love for teaching people and helping them become the best they can be. They give me hope, happiness, and motivation to become my best-self and create my own legacy.  I hope to one day get a chance to meet them all.   Here are some honorable mentions of other amazing people to check out.

***Honorable Mentions*** – Be sure to check out these amazing women. :)

Gabrielle Bernstein – Motivation Speaker, Life Coach and Author.

Kris Carr – Cancer Survivor, Wellness Activist, Author.

Lauren Conrad – Fashion Designer, Author.

Christine Hassler – Speaker, Life Coach, Author.

Sara Wilson – Creator of I quit sugar program, IIN graduate :), Journalist, TV host,


Who are your role models? I am always on the look out for new, passionate people to learn from.  Leave a comment below or send me a message at

’til next time!!


Chelsea Jolene

What would you do if you knew that you could not fail?

Hello Mates!!

“What would you do if you knew that you could not fail?”

I have ran across this phrase a few times in my life.  And every time it leaves me wanting to answer the question.

We like to come up with excuses about why we don’t follow our dreams. Usually the excuses include:  “I have no money”, or “I have no time.” I believe the number one excuse though is worry about failure.  We are all scared to death that we will waste all our time and energy to only find out we failed.  It is one of the most terrifying thoughts.  So if there was a guarantee that you couldn’t fail? Who wouldn’t follow their dreams?

Now  that I have moved over 600 miles away from home and finished up my degree, it gave me some times to figure out how I can answer this question. And what can I do now to really live out this phrase and let go of the worry of failing.  Sometimes I think people think they don’t know the answer to this question, but really deep down they do.

About 2 weeks ago, I decided to sign up with IIN Health Coach Training Program.  I have been up and down and scared out of my mind wondering if I am being a hopeless idiot, wasting my money and time.  And then I re-read this post, from my blog which was about year ago on Oct 3, 2012.  That post alone says it all. I know I truly want to do this.  I do not care if I even fail, the experience itself will be wonderful.  I am chasing my passions and pushing myself to new levels.  I believe there will be a lot of amazing things coming out of this year program and I am ready to inspire the woman and impact the world. (a little alpha gamma delta for you all ;)  )

I start the program tomorrow and I am ecstatic!! And along the way you will likely see many changes to this blog as I have BIG plans for it and eventually a whole new website! :) (Thus why I added some minor updates, I needed some fresh changes as it has been awhile.)  It will take lots of baby steps, but I know it will get there.  I will tell you about my journey along the way and post about the great things I am learning.  One thing I have already learned is to “Squash that 2nd voice”.  There is always that 2nd voice after the 1st voice that says “you aren’t good enough, don’t bother trying.”  Don’t let yourself listen to that 2nd voice because if we all did there would be nothing great in this world. We all start out with NO experience and little clue to what we are doing. But never let that stop you because the most successful people in the world were at one time in the exact position as you. :)

So what would you do if you knew that you could not fail?

Image     XOXO,

Chelsea Jolene

My Top 5 Power Food Winter Soups. MM MM GOOD! (no I am not talking Campbells)

I love nothing  better than some nice hot soup especially on a cool fall day.  Therefore I thought I would share some of my favorite recipes.  I try to include power foods in my diet at least once or twice a day.  And adding power foods to soups is super easy and can be easier to disguise the taste if you do not like it.  For example, I dislike the taste of most winter squash tasting things, since I was a baby I hated so there is no chance of changing this taste bud.  I LOVE pumpkin though, but only loaded with sugar as I cannot imagine eating it another way.  So sweet potatoes are also included on that list, but for some reason I can eat sweet potatoes in one of my FAVORITE soups.

1. Sweet Potato, Sausage, and Kale Soup  –  The sweet potatoes taste more like potatoes because all the juices have been soaked up.  I also add kale to the soup or even spinach.  Whatever you have on hand, just throw it into the soup.  This is an easy way to have 2 power foods added to one meal!  I can be a bit wary of sausage as it is high in fats, but it fits perfectly in this soup. So I either try to find turkey sausage or just buy one because it usually doesn’t make a big difference in the long run. haha  I will post the recipe down below because I did not find this one online but from my mother.


2. Tomato Basil Bisque – This recipe uses a blender/ food processor.  I have just been using a blender, which works perfectly for me. I give credit to my boyfriend on this one because he found the recipe.  You can find this recipe here.  I usually make a HUGE batch and double the recipe which is about 16 servings.  It takes a bit of work to make but it usually lasts me the week so I can enjoy it all week long. :)  If you are looking to cut calories and make this soup healthier I would suggest leaving the cream out all together.  I also love pairing the soup with my favorite avocado tomato grilled cheese.  MM MM nothing better then that.


3.  Chicken Tortilla Soup – This is also a top favorite for me!! And you can throw it all in the crockpot so it is nice and easy and ready to go after a long day at work!  The main power food in this recipe is black beans!  Black beans are my favorite kind of bean and they are great because they are high in protein and low in fat.  They are also full of essential vitamins like folic acid, magnesium, and iron.  You can find this recipe here.   I have never tried adding a slice of avocado on top, but I love avocado so I’ll be sure to try that next time I cook it.

4.  Chicken and Vegetable Stew – Now, I couldn’t skip over chicken soup.  Sometimes when you are sick, nothing is better then a cup of hot chicken soup. I even recently read that the chicken broth helps cure colds by boosting your immune system.  I found this recipe on which is one of my favorite sites to find recipes.  This is much better than canned soup which is full of sodium and other preservatives.

5. Roasted Red Pepper Potato Soup – I haven’t tried this recipe yet, but it looks amazing and is on my list to try.  I love roasted red peppers and potatoes.  So I think this would be a great combination.  You can find the recipe here.  I loooove potatoes, and they get such a bad rap for being not that good for you.  But in all reality, its the french – fried potatoes and chips that are not so good.  Potatoes are a great source of B6 vitamins which are important for building new cells. And red peppers are a GREAT power food and one of my top go-to snacks.  Red peppers are super high in vitamin c and high in antioxidants. Yum Yum!! So load up the soup with these delicious veggies!

Well, these are my top 5 recommended power soups!! Next time you are craving a nutritional boost or feeling a little under the weather cook up one of these delicious soups.  I will guarantee they will taste much better than any kind of canned soup.  :)

What’s your favorite kind of soup??  I love hearing about new recipes! Leave a comment below or email me at


Chelsea Jolene



My TOP FIVE Predicted Food Trends.

This article on Forbes made me LOL.  For one, I love all things about food trends and I am a total “foodie” at heart.  But lets get to my opinion on the article…

I think cupcakes were definitely a food trend and may be subsiding and juicing is definitely taking over, and hasn’t quite reached that peak yet.  (But lets not forget that these are NOT competing industries.)  I do not think the cupcake industry is as hopeless as that article makes it seem though.  People will always enjoy simple delicacies and they will overspend on something like this because it makes them feel good.  The economy has recovered some, but still has a long way to go.  People are not yet confident that things won’t fall apart at anytime.  Yes, people can make their own cupcakes. But really good cupcakes take time to bake and lets be honest…some skill.  So buying some specialty cupcakes for a birthday gift, party, or work event is much easier and a quick way to impress your friends.  When someone brings in something new,  people talk about it especially if it is decadent and hand-made with love.   People don’t get really excited and talk about Dunkin Donut’s which ANYONE can get. (Now this doesn’t apply if their are no Dunkin Donuts in your area, then you will get excited about them, AKA. FARGO)  Simple as that. People like special, unique food especially concerning desserts.  If you are gonna enjoy something that can make you feel guilty, it might as well be really good. People don’t usually get excited about eating a Twinkie as their one treat for the week.  They are gonna go and spend 5 bucks on a cupcake because it makes them feel happy and the whole atmosphere of the shop is just a side bonus.  All in all,  cupcakes or decadent dessert trends are not going away anytime soon.

My next note is what is going to be the newest Food Trend??  Great question.   I have some ideas that I would like to share.  I mixed it up with healthy and not so healthy ideas.

1.  Cookies.  –  Cupcakes blew up as a huge trend. But why not cookies??  These can be just as delicious and some people prefer cookies over cake. There are some crazy cookie out there and can be just as ridiculous and indulgent as a cupcake. Recently, I have baked turtle cookies and pumpkin snickerdoodles, both are not your typical cookies.  One of my great new finds is Whole Foods international cookies section.  They charge about 10.99 per lb, and they have a variety of different cookies that they switch up all the time.  Its a fun way to try new interesting kinds of cookies and enjoy yourself!

2. Chia Seeds – Now, I know these have already gotten popular, but I do not think have reached their full hype yet.  My favorite way to eat chia seeds are in health drinks.  My first choice is Synergy Kombucha Grape Chia.  I know Kombucha has gotten really popular and it can be an odd taste to get used to, but definitely try it!!  You will likely become accustomed to it!!  My second choice is Mamma Chia’s.  All the flavors are great and this is a much smoother taste.  My favorite is Blackberry Hibisicus and my second is Guava Mamma. The chia seeds just slide right down and I love the texture in my mouth. :)  I usually choose to buy Synergy over Mamma Chia though.  Only because it is a bigger bottle for almost same price and Synergy has more added health benefits because of the Kombucha.  Also there is about 4200 mg Omega-3’s compared to 2500 mg.  But lots of times I will walk into Whole Foods and they won’t have the Grape Synergy (its the most popular flavor by far) so its nice to have another delicious option.

3.  Fresh Bread – Okay, so I am a bit biased here because I worked at a fresh bakery for over a year. But real bread is soo good and much tastier then other bread you find in the grocery store.  The bakery I worked at was called Breadsmith.  All the bread was baked fresh everyday and real hearty and delicious.  Especially around holidays who doesn’t want real hearty bread? Not only is it more delicious it is much healthier then the bread at the store. I think that bread that doesn’t go bad after a few days is NOT okay to eat….there are tons of preservatives that are in it and HFCS. YUCK!!! Honestly after working here, I am extremely picky about my bread and I can automatically tell if the bread is fresh or not.  I think the whole experience of walking into the bread store is wonderful.  The experience is a good enough reason just to stop at the bread store. Lets bring it back to the good ol’ days (even though I didn’t exist then, ha!)!  If I had a bread store close by to me, I would want to stop by everyday to pick up a fresh loaf of bread. MM MM.

4.  Vegetable Soups – This kinda goes along with juicing, but I wanted a new twist.  First off, I love love tomatoes!!  I made this amazing tomato soup and with all the fresh pureed ingredients, it tasted so amazing I could just feel all the nutrients absorbing.  I do not even want to eat canned tomato soup anymore!!  Fresh soup is a healthy way to get lots of veggies and I like that better sometimes then drinking celery juice :P.   And you don’t always have to puree the soups, cooking the soup softens it up so it easily digests.  Drinking juices are great an all to help rest the digestion system, but sometimes these trends can become too extreme. But I won’t go on about my thoughts about juicing. haha  In upcoming posts, I will share some of my favorite soup recipes so be looking for them! :D

5.  Ice Cream/Gelato Shops – Okay, so I am going to hate a bit on Self- Serve frozen yogurt places.  I love all these self-serve frozen yogurt places and they are a great idea!!  But I am starting to question them as they are not really “healthy” at all.  I have read negative things about them from Food Babe.  (who is a fascinating read, and I wish half the stuff she said wasn’t true so I try not to read it all the time)  I know that most of those frozen yogurt is full of bad things, like additives, etc. The only truly maybe okay flavor is the plain yogurt one which doesn’t even taste good.  I think we should step away from frozen yogurt and focus on real ice cream. Heck, if I am gonna eat it, it might as well be the real thing. Whole Foods sells gelato and I think that’s a great idea for a tasty luxurious treat.  I would also keep the topping ideas, everyone wants to create their own masterpiece and eat it their way.  We are selfish people, we want the best and we want the most options.  I do not know too much about gelato so I googled it of course.  And came up with this.   So basically its a bit healthier, but really all the three are the same.  Frozen yogurt most likely only wins because it  “sounds” the healthiest which is usually how it works.  But I think specialty gelato shops would be successful as it could be viewed as fancier then other ice cream.

WELL! These are my top 5 predictions for 2014 maybe I am a bit off, maybe not.  Nonetheless these are all 5 wonderful things I enjoy. :)

Let me know if you agree/disagree with me! Are there any food trends that you are obsessed with???  Let me know! I’d love to hear! Leave a comment or shoot me an email at


Chelsea Jolene


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